Trucare Plus nursing team is highly trained, experienced, and DHA licensed to help all patients and families 24×7 – 356 days. Whether general or specialized home nursing services in Dubai, our experienced nurses deliver compassionate care following international, and Dubai Health Authority guidelines.

General Home Nursing Services include:

  • – Treatment and follow-ups done as advised by either one of our physicians, or the attending physician of the patient.
  • – Routine checkup blood tests. For more information about our health checkup packages Click Here

With Nursing Care packages, Trucare Plus offers packages which include Doctor Home Visit, Laboratory Tests at Home, and Regular Follow ups. For more information,Click Hereor Call Us at 0544855866.

Specialized Home Nursing Services include:

– Post Discharge Care at Home:

One of our experienced nurses will be assigned to your loved ones after hospital discharge to ensure the continuity of care at the comfort of home, or hotel. After discharge plan will be provided by one of medical professionals to support your loved ones after hospital discharge. Diet, Physical Therapies, Administering of Prescribed Medicines, Medication Management, Follow Up Laboratory Tests, and Post-Surgical Wound Care will be provided until full recovery of your loved ones is attained.

– Post COVID-19 Care at Home:

As Trucare Plus represents a new level of home healthcare provider in Dubai, our COVID-19 experts can take care of you until full recovery. Our experts believe that Post COVID-19 syndrome exists and there are large number of patients who have experienced Post COVID-19 symptoms that is why our trained medical professional may assist you reach the best version of you after being COVID-19 free to prevent any sequalae.

For more information Click Here Here or Call Us at 0544855866.

– Chronic Diseases Management at Home

Our nurses are highly trained to ensure the proper management for patients with chronic illnesses under the supervision of our physicians. This includes constant guidance in dietary requirements, physical exercises, and regular monitoring.

For Long-Term Home Nursing, Trucare Plus offers packages which include Doctor Home Visit, Laboratory Tests at Home, and Regular Follow ups. For more information, Click Here or Call Us at 0544855866

– Wound Care at Home

Our highly qualified nurses are well-trained for providing wound care under infection control guidelines and practices. This applies for simple, and complex wounds that are hard to heal.

We are more than happy to inform you that any of the previous home nursing services may require an assistance with any of our available doctors, and this is free of charge.
Our main purpose is to deliver compassionate care doing the right thing and ensuring satisfying result. Our main purpose is YOU.

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