Trucare Plus ensure the continuity of services during the current pandemic, and according to the DHA guidelines through our DHA licensed, and registered medical professional.

COVID related services include but not limited to:

1. COVID-19 PCR Test At Home:

COVID-19 PCR Swab Test is currently the required test to exclude an active infection if you are suspected case, or if you plan to travel abroad. We are here to help you have your test done at the comfort of your place. Our test is DHA-accredited, and we are a preferred provider for many patients within the emirate.

We have different types to having PCR test report delivered to our patients according to their needs and wants. For fast PCR swab Test Dubai, our patients may choose one of the below PCR types:

  • Express (Within 3 to 6 hours).
  • Urgent (Within 6 to 12 hours).
  • Normal (Within 12 to 24 hours).

For PCR test at home in Dubai, kindly call/whatsapp us at 0544855866.

2. COVID-19 Antibody Test At Home:

With coronavirus antibody test, a blood sample of a previous confirmed or suspected case is withdrawn for possible antibodies that the body may have developed in response to that infection. This test tells you that coronavirus antibodies are present, or not.

3. COVID-19 Vaccine Antibody Test At Home:

Coronavirus vaccines are currently available and no doubt that this is an enormous scientific achievement. Vaccines work by triggering an immune response in the body resulting in several measurable markers, or antibodies. This test lets you know whether you have antibodies against COVID-19, and how much you have them.

This brand-new quantitative IgG antibody test can be done after coronavirus vaccination so that antibody levels can be tracked, specially one month later to your first dose.

4. Fit to Fly Certificate:

We know how stressful travel can be during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our fit to fly certificate is designed to give you peace of mind quickly through accredited sample-taking, processing by a highly knowledgeable and professional team. Our standards meet required regulatory levels to receive a safe and professional service.

5. Post Coronavirus Care At Home:

As Trucare Plus represents a new level of home healthcare provider in Dubai, our COVID-19 experts can take care of you until full recovery. Our experts believe that Post COVID-19 syndrome exists and there are large number of patients who have experienced Post COVID-19 symptoms that is why one of our physicians may assist you reach the best version of you after being COVID-19 free to prevent any sequalae.

If you look for any advice or recommendations about Post COVID-19 Care, you may call/whatsapp us at 0544855866

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